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A managed services solution for your on-prem Cisco infrastructure.

When DGI’s experts join your IT team, you’ll experience IT proactively managed at the speed of business plus an increase of time and resources within your organization. We’ll take care of the daily operations so you can focus on contributing to your organization’s core objectives through new projects and strategic initiatives.

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We’ll Help You Derive Business Value from Your Systems
The evolving consumption model may very well be the way of the future, but for whatever reason, some organizations just aren’t there yet (and that’s okay!). With dgi>enable, we’ll help you derive value from your capital projects and on-prem hardware. It’s no secret that many organizations have resource-constrained IT teams who find themselves getting lost in tactical day-to-day operations, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to focus on being a strategic contributor, but dgi>enable will get you there. We’ll take care of the tactical and strategic management of your devices, at the speed of business, so that you can be sure your technology is contributing to the objectives of your organization.

We’ll proactively manage and optimize performance
DGI is stacked with experts. We’re not just experts on best practices, monitoring, and everything in between—when you engage dgi>enable, we become experts on your network and your organization. We work closely with your team to understand your current infrastructure and long-term objectives so we’re all working toward the same goal. We’ll provide proactive monitoring, management, and configuration and change management support; plus, we’ll keep you up to speed with relevant upgrades. DGI will ensure your devices are always running optimally so you can focus on strategic, relevant IT.

We’ll be the experts you need
There’s no doubt your IT team is capable. Though, while your guys may be pros, it’s nearly impossible, and extremely costly, to have a team comprised of members who are experts in every category. Dgi>enable is an extension of your team, not a replacement. 24x7x365 monitoring means you have peace of mind while your IT team invests its valuable time and resources elsewhere in the organization. Rely on our expertise around the clock so that you can focus on the bigger picture. We want to take the load off.




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Advance hardware replacement for Cisco devices


Configuration backups Software upgrades based on new releases and best practices
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All standard moves, adds, changes, and deletes

24x7x365 monitoring and alerting for:

  • Device availability
  • Link capacity
  • Your environment

Accounting (and real-time reporting for audit compliance) for:

  • All management commands executed on all network devices
  • All user network access including VPN, WLAN, and wired connections
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24×7 on-call response to exceptional network events and customized escalation process for after-hours events DGI administration of the change control process and enforcement of operational best practices  DGI ownership of out of service events including circuits, failed equipment, cards, denial-of-service, etc.


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  • Derive more value from the IT investments that you’ve already made
  • Add network operations “know-how” to your organization for a fraction of the cost and without adding head count
  • Allow your existing staff to focus on IT projects that are central to your organization’s mission and that bring value to your organization
  • Free your existing staff from responding to tactical, contextual alerts and alarms
  • Eliminate mistakes by enforcing change management control of your network infrastructure
  • Gain 24×7 access to network experts who have extensive knowledge of your environment, organizational goals, and way of doing business