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We Live By Our Process

DGI is a next-generation solutions integrator with a focus on delivering business outcomes. We leverage a proven process that produces consistent results and establishes IT relevancy within your organization.

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We Make IT Rock

We help IT become a strategic partner, not a cost center.

We assist you by raising the role of IT beyond the management of trouble tickets and blinky lights. We show you how to elevate the perception of the department from a group of tactical firefighters to what it really is—a strategy driver, change agent, and powerful ally in the accomplishment of your organization’s goals.

If you’re ready to define success as more than tactical operations, then you’re ready for relevant IT.


At DGI, we want to help you take your IT projects to the next level by achieving goals and influencing direction. From education, government, business, to everything in between, we work closely with your team to develop solutions that will help transform your organization.

We help elevate IT to what it really should be—a critical component of success. Every organization has priorities, goals, visions, and requirements and IT’s success should be measured by its relevant contributions to all of those objectives.


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If you haven’t already noticed, we approach IT a little differently.

Others sell. We solve.

We do more than just sell you boxes. We have the end game in mind and our entire process is driven by your success criteria and end goals.

  • We help schools, districts, and universities implement technological solutions that contribute to objectives like increasing enrollment, student success, campus safety, and parent engagement.
  • We help local government offices choose platforms that meet standards, increase efficiency, and align with strategic goals.
  • We help casinos build solutions that provide a better gaming experience and an enhanced bottom line.
  • We help manufacturers, distributors, health care providers, financial institutions, and many others install technologies that achieve longevity, efficiency, and countless other business outcomes.

We see value in being different and we feel good about providing solutions that serve a larger purpose within your organization.

If you have an IT department, we want to show you how to do more with it.

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Our awesome culture is one major contributor to our stellar results and lasting customer relationships.

We all love what we do and who we work with. We expect the best from each member of the team and take great pride in contributing to our collaborative successes, but we also learn from our mistakes and embrace every opportunity for growth and knowledge. We pride ourselves in our company’s success, but we define ourselves through our relationships with each other and with our customers. Take a stroll through the office and you’ll see someone in a suit and someone else wearing headphones and workout clothes—we don’t really sweat the small stuff while we’re focusing on results. We’re always working hard, doing whatever it takes to “get it done,” but don’t miss out when we close the office a little early to wind down with some horseshoes and ping pong.

Just remember, we’re always up for a challenge.



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