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Relevant IT Rocks

Go beyond trouble tickets and blinky lights.
Drive strategy. Be relevant.

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Change your organization

Transform the view of IT. Don’t just deliver technology.
Meet objectives.

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Success isn’t measured in “speeds and feeds.”
Success is relevant IT.

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Earn your seat at the table.
Help drive the direction of your organization.

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Be the hero. Help IT contribute to the goals
of the organization in profound ways.


Relevant IT

Contribute to the goals
of your organization.



Cloud on demand.
Check out our newest offering.



Your IT managed at the speed of business.

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DGI knows that 21st Century learning solutions help schools transform education, enhance administrative efficiency, and achieve academic excellence.

OUR Secret Sauce

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An awesome experience from Discovery to Engagement is the rule, not the exception.
We love what we do and who we do it for.
Our customers represent a wide variety of industries and professional sectors. We’ve gained unique insight, expertise, and experience working collaboratively with teams in:
ico-education DGI understands what it takes for IT to relevantly contribute to objectives that are important to your school, district, or university. Whether the focus is on marketing initiatives aiming to increase enrollment, enhancing campus safety, producing measurable student/parent engagement, or facilitating compliance requirements, DGI empowers IT to establish and maintain IT relevancy by tailoring solutions that meet the objectives that matter to the organization.
ico-government Local government today is being challenged to increase efficiency while reducing the cost of service delivery. Concurrently, this industry is burdened with enhanced security requirements while having to modernize the methodology in which employees work and constituents consume services. DGI understands how to empower IT to relevantly contribute to these objectives and produce the business outcomes required.